The Importance of Dog Behavior Training and Dog Obedience Training

Dear Dog Owner

It was out of care for dog owners that we created and operate this site.  A site that is both informational and valuable as a resource as well as partly commercial suggesting products that can help you in your struggle with dog aggression.

It is true, the best way to train your dog is to have an expert dog trainer get one on one with you and show you in real life how to correctly train your dog.  But things are not always that simple!

There are plenty of reasons why you cannot or will not hire a professional dog trainer.  There are time constraints where you just can't squeeze an dog obedience training class into your schedule, financial limitations only thinking of what it would cost to hire a professional trainer!  Maybe you don't have a training club where you live and it's hard to find one in your area.  Perhaps you've already been to dog aggression training classes with your dog and you got frustrated and disappointed with the kind of results you were getting.

All this could be stopping you from hiring a dog trainer but it doesn't mean that you should give up on training your dog!  That's where our site comes in to show you that if you're determined enough it can be done.  You can train your dog yourself with the help of dog trainers online!  So, go give it a try!

We wish you the best of luck!

Marianthi Iatridou, editor of





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