Dog Biting Behavior

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federal agency which monitors and controls human diseases, estimates over 4.7 million people are bitten per year. This is approximately 2 percent of the U.S. population. Ten to twenty people die each year from injuries resulting from dog bites. Most of these victims are children.

In addition to the physical injuries, people that have been bitten, especially children, can be emotionally scarred as well and will no longer feel comfortable around animals or even be terrified of them.

Dog biting is one of the most common problems being reported by dog owners. Some of them have already been experiencing aggression problems with their dogs, while others are completely unaware of running such a risk. Biting is a basic canine dominance behavior used from the time a puppy is able to move around in its litter. Biting among wild and domestic canines is used as communication to establish order in the pack.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

There are many reasons why dogs gradually or sometimes suddenly become aggressive. A dog that is repeatedly biting, leaving bite marks or drawing blood, must, for the safety of others, be confined, muzzled, or put down. But what causes dogs to bite?



What Can You Do To Prevent Your Dog From Biting?

Obedience training is the quickest way to overcome biting problems. With obedience training and by adjusting some of your daily living behaviors you can correct most aggression problems. A dog that learns to obey commands finally comes to understand her position in the pack -which is at the bottom below you and all your family members.

If you are uncertain about your dogs aggressive behavior, consult veterinarians or animal behaviorists for their opinions about whether your dog can be rehabilitated or should be put down.

And a word of caution! A dog that has bitten one time may bite again given a similar set of circumstances. The best insurance against a second occurrence is a muzzle, or confinement whenever she is around people.


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