Dog Calming Signals Video

How To Calm Your Dog

Compliments of The Online Dog Trainer video training site, I’d like to present this free video, part of a series of dog training videos that you can find on the site. This video is about dog calming signals and I’m sure all of you who have aggression problems with your dog will find very useful. Enjoy!

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Trainer’s important points:

Dogs use their body language all the time to communicate everything. From their intentions, their emotions and their status to the dogs around them. Dogs do not have thousands of words in their vocabulary so they use body language far more to get their message across.

Calming signals are specifically used to tell another dog, calm down, I am not a threat, I am not a danger.

Here is a list of some commonly used calming signals:

Just because one dog is giving off calming signals does not mean the other dog either understands them or is going to take any notice! The very fact that they need to be given should alert you that the other dog is not calm. You have been warned!


How to calm your dog How to calm your dog