Dog Submissive Urination Problem

Submissive urination is one of the most frustrating problems for a dog owner, especially one who has gone into a lot of trouble housebreaking their dog. Unfortunately for humans, it is a rather normal way for dogs and puppies to demonstrate submissive behavior.

Having a dog that urinates all over you or your guests when she gets excited or frightened can be frustrating and embarrassing but it can be corrected. Puppies that are especially shy and timid are more likely to demonstrate submissive urination. Most puppies will outgrow this kind of behavior with a little patience but in some cases this problem will continue into adulthood. In which case, it is perceived as a sign of your dog’s insecurity. Also, dog owners who are dominant and strict seem to encourage a submissive relationship with their dog.

The good news is, that as your dog grows older and develops social skills and confidence the problem is bound to gradually disappear.


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