Master playing with his little golden retriever dog on the lawn

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Does Your Puppy Nip & Bite?

Does Your Puppy Nip & Bite?   Never allow your puppy to bite. This sort of thing will become a bad habit and be hard to break later on. If he bites your hands, give him a tap on his nose or under his chin.…

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Body Language Before Dog Bites

In this short email response, professional dog trainer Adam G. Katz suggests how you can use your dog’s body language to identify the signs of an upcoming dog bite! Body Language Before Dog Bites Dear Adam: After catching up on doggy email, I’ve noticed your…

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Dog Owner Apprehension

This is an example of how a dog owner’s apprehension around people (being afraid that her dog is going to bite someone) only contributes to confusing the dog and results in even more aggression. Professional dog trainer Adam G. Katz points out that the owner…

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