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Using A Crate to Stop Dog Chewing

Here’s a problem of dog chewing that can be solved by using a crate. This Bichon Frise has developed a bad habit of chewing on his owners’ bedding since he was allowed to sleep with them on their bed. Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens suggests…

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Choosing a Dog That Matches Your Personality

You’ve decided to bring a dog into your life – Good for you! However, remember when choosing a dog you choose one that matches your personality. Just as humans come in a wide variety of personalities and activities, so do dogs. You want to make…

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Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate Training Crate training is the fastest and most humane method of housebreaking dogs. Many dog owners also think of it as an effective way to keep their pet safe from potential dangers around the house. A crate is a metal pen-type construction and…

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How To Break Bad Habits When Housetraining Your Puppy

Housetraining a puppy can often prove frustrating for many dog owners, as it requires a lot of time and persistence on your part. Especially when there are bad habits to break, as in the case of this 9 month old pug.   How To Break…

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Housebreaking A 5 Month-Old Standard Poodle

Housebreaking a dog proves to be a pain for most dog owners as they’re usually not aware of the important tips and tricks that guarantee success or failure of their housebreaking efforts. If you want to know what these tips are just read professional dog…

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Crate Training A Puppy

Getting a new puppy is always exciting but training a young puppy can prove quite a challenge. Here are the suggestions that Daniel Stevens -an experienced dog trainer and author of Secrets to Dog Training e-book- gives to one of his customers about using a…

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