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My Dog’s Not Aggressive, He is Just Protective

You and your dog have a special bond. He’s always got your back and he’s always looking out for you. So when he growls at a friend or shows his teeth, you are likely to just assume he’s being protective. The idea that your dog…

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Meet Lexi: Rescued With Severe Aggression Issues

Meet Lexi: my aggressive rescue dog Over the years, I’ve rescued a few dogs. Of course, I also love puppies! Anyway, when Lexi came into my life as a rescue I already had five other dogs. We were a happy household – if there’s one…

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It is Me or My Dog – Why am I Seeing Aggression

Isn’t it wonderful having a dog as a pal? They understand you, they are by your side and you have great fun learning new things. I know I’d be lost without my buddy! But then you see a change occurring. It starts small, and then…

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How To Become The Alpha Dog

What is the “Alpha” Role And Why Do I Need to Become The Alpha Dog ? If you and your dog are having a tug of war over who will be the alpha dog, you need to quickly establish that you will be holding the…

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Discipline Your Dog Instead of Punishing Him

Puppies are adorable. They are cute and cuddly but they are also mischievous, untrained and in need of guidance from you. The problem is, too many dog owners think that in order to get their dog to behave the way they want them to, they…

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Is My Border Collie Aggressive?

I have a beautiful border collie – he’s the larger blood lines, has one blue eye and some days I think he’s actually smarter than me. Okay, if we are being honest, most days I think he’s smarter than me but recently I’ve become concerned…

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Training the Down Command to a Dominant Dog

Dogs seldom develop a dominant personality overnight. There are generally signs that lead up to it. These sign include being stubborn and headstrong, being pushy, growling, whining at humans, heel nipping, standing proud on their human’s lap and carrying themselves with a proud gate. Do…

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Using A Crate to Stop Dog Chewing

Here’s a problem of dog chewing that can be solved by using a crate. This Bichon Frise has developed a bad habit of chewing on his owners’ bedding since he was allowed to sleep with them on their bed. Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens suggests…

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How to Earn Your Dog’s Trust

How to Earn Your Dog’s Trust Let’s say your dog chases another dog across the road. When he finally returns, you are angry and soundly scold him for chasing the other dog and giving you such a scare. But here is how your dog looks…

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Choosing a Dog That Matches Your Personality

You’ve decided to bring a dog into your life – Good for you! However, remember when choosing a dog you choose one that matches your personality. Just as humans come in a wide variety of personalities and activities, so do dogs. You want to make…

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