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Why Your Dog Doesn’t Come When You Call

The re-call is probably one of the easiest commands to teach to your dog but it’s also one that you can completely ruin. Many dog owners accidentally destroy their dog’s desire to come when they call. How is that possible? Well, if your dog doesn’t…

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How To Become The Alpha Dog

What is the “Alpha” Role And Why Do I Need to Become The Alpha Dog ? If you and your dog are having a tug of war over who will be the alpha dog, you need to quickly establish that you will be holding the…

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Discipline Your Dog Instead of Punishing Him

Puppies are adorable. They are cute and cuddly but they are also mischievous, untrained and in need of guidance from you. The problem is, too many dog owners think that in order to get their dog to behave the way they want them to, they…

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How to Earn Your Dog’s Trust

How to Earn Your Dog’s Trust Let’s say your dog chases another dog across the road. When he finally returns, you are angry and soundly scold him for chasing the other dog and giving you such a scare. But here is how your dog looks…

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Train Your Dog Using Positive Reinforcement

Are you in search of the top dog training tips that you haven’t been able to find in-store or online? Are you tired of reading the same basic training tips that aren’t addressing your questions? Are you looking for dog training aids and material that…

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Dog Obedience Training

Obedience Training For Your Dog Ever wonder why your dog doesn’t listen to you? Or ask yourself what’s the one thing that you need to do to have an obedient dog? If you do, then you should know this: obedience comes through training. And training…

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How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling

Time to take your dog out for a walk? I hope that for you this is a pleasant experience. The sight of helpless dog owners being pulled in every direction by their dogs is all too familiar! And sometimes it’s funny! But not for them.…

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Click To Calm Review

Review: Click to Calm – Healing the Aggressive Dog By Emma Parsons, B.A., A.P.D.T. When Emma Parsons, professional trainer and canine behavior consultant, discovered that her own prized Golden Retriever, Ben, was aggressive toward other dogs, and that traditional remedies took his reactivity to nightmarish…

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Welcome Dog Owners

  Dear Dog Owner, It was out of care for dogs and their owners that I created and operate this site. A site that is both informational and valuable as a resource as well as partly commercial suggesting products that can help you to enjoy…

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