My Aggressive Dog's Story

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My Aggressive Dog Story


Hi, my name is Marian.

Let’s be honest…

As a dog owner (and dog lover) it’s really scary when you see your dog being violent and aggressive in ways that can that seriously hurt, kill and terrify others… sometimes without provocation.

This is very worrying for dog owners, as you start to think about the consequences to your beloved friend (in many cases dogs need to be put to sleep due to dangerous or aggressive behavior).

I Understand Your Anxiety…

You see, just a few years ago I was in your position. I was really concerned and knew that I needed to find out the answers quickly, before something more serious happened.

At that stage, my dog Becker was showing signs of aggression towards me, and I was very worried when I took him out for our daily walks (where other dogs would be present).

For example, he would ignore my commands to release toys in his mouth. I would try to take the toy and he would growl and bite down harder. Once I got the toy, he would become even more aggressive towards me, jumping, growling and trying to bite.

Needless to say, I looked for professional advice

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to afford a dog trainer in my area who could curb his aggression problem, so I turned my attention to the Internet, DVD’s and the library (and anything else I could find).

Looking back on those days, I must have spent hundreds of hours in my search for a solution to my dog’s behavior problems, as I was getting desperate. Luckily for me, I stumbled across some of the best dog trainers in the world -some of them specialising in dogs with aggression problems- and they were able to help me out.

To cut a long story short, my dog now sits when I say, waits for my commands, comes when I call him and leaves things when I tell him. He is now obedient and friendly towards other dogs and people.

However, it wasn’t always this way.

There was a time when I didn’t think he could be trained, and when he would growl and bark at me and others. I also had little to no confidence in turning the situation around.

I think many dog owners can relate, and if you don’t do something about it, it gets even worse. But…

It’s Not Your Fault. This Stuff Is Never Taught To Us, So It’s Very Confusing & Frustrating

As such, I spent my own time and money in order to figure these things out for myself. I wanted to know how to train my dog out of his aggression and how to gain his respect and obedience. I was determined to search for the answers.

Since that time, I am now able to get my dog to listen to me whenever I speak. I am no longer embarrassed by my dog when in public places. And I am also no longer driven crazy by the constant barking and bouts of aggression.

Which means that…

I Now Enjoy a Great Relationship With My Dog

All of this was directly related to understanding my dog’s behavior. This makes me feel much more empowered, where I used to feel nervous and worried (I now have my dog’s respect).

As I realized that many other dog owners were in the same situation as I used to be, I knew I could help. In order to make my research public, I have put everything I learned into this website so that you can enjoy the relationship you really want with your dog.

While lots of websites focus on many aspects of dog training, healthcare or grooming – this website is all about dealing with (and reversing) aggressive behavior in your dog.

You can now skip the hours and hours of research that I had to put in. This website is a treasure trove of information on training aggressive dogs to be obedient, and all of it comes from experts in the industry.

I urge you to get started right now by reading the articles I have posted for you. If you prefer to read an entire package of information in one go, and get all the information from a leading expert, then I recommend you go here right now.

If you have any questions, then be sure to email me.

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