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My Dog’s Not Aggressive, He is Just Protective

You and your dog have a special bond. He’s always got your back and he’s always looking out for you. So when he growls at a friend or shows his teeth, you are likely to just assume he’s being protective. The idea that your dog…

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Meet Lexi: Rescued With Severe Aggression Issues

Meet Lexi: my aggressive rescue dog Over the years, I’ve rescued a few dogs. Of course, I also love puppies! Anyway, when Lexi came into my life as a rescue I already had five other dogs. We were a happy household – if there’s one…

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It is Me or My Dog – Why am I Seeing Aggression

Isn’t it wonderful having a dog as a pal? They understand you, they are by your side and you have great fun learning new things. I know I’d be lost without my buddy! But then you see a change occurring. It starts small, and then…

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Is My Border Collie Aggressive?

I have a beautiful border collie – he’s the larger blood lines, has one blue eye and some days I think he’s actually smarter than me. Okay, if we are being honest, most days I think he’s smarter than me but recently I’ve become concerned…

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Training the Down Command to a Dominant Dog

Dogs seldom develop a dominant personality overnight. There are generally signs that lead up to it. These sign include being stubborn and headstrong, being pushy, growling, whining at humans, heel nipping, standing proud on their human’s lap and carrying themselves with a proud gate. Do…

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Dog Neutering Against Aggression

Many dog owners often discuss the pros and cons of spaying/neutering their dogs, especially those who are facing aggression problems. Here are some of the advantages of neutering your dog explained by professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens. Neutering Your Dog To Curb Aggression   Hi…

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Dog Aggression and Genetics

This owner’s request involves a question I’m sure some of you have already wondered about: Is there a dog aggression problem that cannot be resolved with training? Just as you’re beginning to give up, professional dog trainer Adam G. Katz’s answer can hopefully shed some…

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Abused Miniature Schnauzer Fear Aggression

This owner’s miniature schnauzer shows signs of fear aggression when she is around people. This is a result of the dog being abused at one of the two homes where she was placed before. Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens recommends ways to rebuild the dog’s…

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Dog Fear Aggression Against Family Member

A typical example of a dog’s fear based aggression. This lab displays aggression against other dogs and a particular family member, having built fear from previous experiences. To correct these problems the dog will have to be retrained using the Alpha techniques as well as…

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Border Terrier Displaying Dominance Over Other Dogs And Owner

This article is all about dog hierarchy in the pack and alpha positioning of the top dog. This border terrier is displaying a dominant behavior to other dogs and humans in every chance he gets. An interesting problem to solve is the dog’s unusual behavior…

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