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How to Earn Your Dog’s Trust

How to Earn Your Dog’s Trust

Let’s say your dog chases another dog across the road. When he finally returns, you are angry and soundly scold him for chasing the other dog and giving you such a scare. But here is how your dog looks at this situation. First, he chased the dog, which was a lot of fun. Then he came back to you and was reprimanded, which was no fun at all.

What you wanted to teach your dog was not to chase. What you actually taught was that coming to you can be unpleasant.

The lesson here is that whether you are pleased or angry, your dog associates these feelings only with what he did last.

One of the commands you will need to teach your dog is to come when called. To be successful, remember this principle: Whenever your dog comes to you, be nice. Reward the dog for coming to you. No matter what, be pleasant and greet him with a kind word, a pat on the head and a smile. Teach him to trust you by making him feel safe with you.

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