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Train Your Dog Using Positive Reinforcement

Are you in search of the top dog training tips that you haven’t been able to find in-store or online? Are you tired of reading the same basic training tips that aren’t addressing your questions? Are you looking for dog training aids and material that will allow you to train your dog faster and in a more positive environment?

Then you are at the right page. This website is packed with the best training information on the internet. In no time at all, you’ll know how to train your dog using positive reinforcement and in a stress free environment. Better for you and better for her.

Whether your dog is an aggressive breed like a Pit Bull, a dominant breed like a Shar Pei, a hunting breed like an Irish Setter, a ratter like a Jack Russell, or a toy breed like a Chihuahua positive reinforcement will change the way your dog responds to your training. You can enjoy successful training of all breeds using positive reinforcement training.


So, what’s Positive Reinforcement?

If you learn only one thing it should be the “power of positive training.” When you decide to use positive reinforcement, you will see an amazing transformation in the way your dog learns. Suddenly, she will be focused on what you want from her. This will apply whether you are teaching her the most basic of commands or the craziest trick ever.

Positive reinforcement can simply be praise, or it can be physical affection, toys, or treats when a command is obeyed. “Good girl”, “Good sit”, “Good fetch” etc. When you use positive reinforcement, it is important that your dog receives the reward immediately upon correctly doing what is asked of her.

When you are first teaching a command you will want to reward her every time she does it correctly. As time goes by you can begin to reward intermittently, and when she reaches the stage when she does not hesitate to carry out the command you no longer have to reward; instead simply give a verbal confirmation such as “good down” or “yes”.

Sadly, even with all that we know today, too many dog trainers still train in a negative way. You might get compliance from your dog, but you will never get your dog doing what you ask because they want to or because they respect you. They will do it out of fear not love. Is that really the way you want to get your dog to learn her commands or new tricks?

What if it doesn’t work?

One of the most commonly asked questions is what you should do if you are using positive reinforcement and your dog doesn’t obey. It’s really quite simple – you just withhold the praise.

What so many dog training books, magazines, and trainers fail to teach is this – when you train your dog using positive reinforcement you are simply playing on your dog’s instinctual desire to be accepted as part of the pack. To your dog you, your children, other pets, etc. are all part of the pack, and you should be seen as the pack leader. She wants to please the pack leader and by using positive reinforcement that will occur.

Positive reinforcement is an excellent way to build a respectful and lasting relationship. Your dog will adore you and want to do whatever she needs to in order to please you.

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