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How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling

Time to take your dog out for a walk?

I hope that for you this is a pleasant experience. The sight of helpless dog owners being pulled in every direction by their dogs is all too familiar! And sometimes it’s funny! But not for them.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you don’t take the time to explain to your dog who’s really in charge. Unless you are able to communicate that simple fact to your dog and make her understand it, all the gadgets, leads and collars out there are not going to help you one bit. They might even convey the wrong message and have your dog associate her everyday walk with negative emotions.

Consider this. For a dog, it’s only natural that during a walk someone must lead. If you don’t, then your dog will. It’s more of a psychological battle than a physical one -or at least it should be. Don’t confuse your dog by letting her dragg you along the street and only then try to correct her. It’s fundamentally wrong and won’t work well for either of you. Be firm about who leads.

The funny thing is, your dog knows how to walk nicely on the lead. As long as you ensure that you are the pack leader even before you set foot outside the house. How to do that?

Here are some key tips to try before you venture out:

  • After bringing out your dog’s lead wait until your dog calms down even if this takes a while and only attach it when your dog is calm. Never rush this stage.
  • You need to first learn how to stop your dog from pulling inside your house or back yard before going outside – there are some fantastic videos that show all of this.
  • Try walking around the house first, going around your furniture and tables in the house with your dog following you. If your dog pulls out in front of you then simply change direction, leaving your dog behind you.
  • If your dog drags backwards then gently hold the lead firm for 10 seconds then call your dog to follow. Your dog will have no other option but to follow you if you are patient.
  • Control the doorways – you should always walk through the doorways first when your dog is on the lead.
  • Practice walking in and out of the front doorway with you going first – keep doing this until your dog relaxes and gives up, waiting for you to make the next move.
  • Check your posture – make sure that you are relaxed and calm and that your shoulder is down and arm is straight at the elbow.
  • Of course there is a big difference between actually watching how to stop your dog from pulling and reading about it! While I can give you all the advice in writting nothing beats actually being shown all these tips in a video.

A great dog training video site is run by professional dog trainer Doggy Dan who uses a gentle but very practical approach to dog training. In the site you will learn exactly what steps to take to establish yourself as the pack leader. The Online Dog Trainer is great for owners who want to really understand and treat the cause of their dog’s problems and not just use a band-aid solution.

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