How to Deal With a Dog That Fights

Fighting dogs

Have you ever wondered what is in the mind of a dog that fights other dogs? Is every dog it meets a potential enemy or is there just one enemy every now and then? For the most part, fighting dogs is all about a show of strength. You may be surprised to learn that many times it’s a cowardly show of strength.

For example, a large dog might aim its strength at a toy dog that doesn’t have the capability to be a bully back. If that same bully dog was paired up against a bigger dog, that display of strength is likely to disappear because he knows -he intuitively knows- who is going to be boss. When a dog senses either physical or mental superiority it will automatically be subservient.

That’s exactly why when a young dog meets a stronger or older dog; it will roll onto its back with all four of its legs in the air. They sense who the boss is and are showing the other dog that they know this.

How often has your puppy done this to you? Rolled over on his belly. So while you may think it’s great that your puppy does this, you actually should not allow it to occur because it means your puppy sees you as the enemy. When your dog stops doing this it means it no longer sees you as the enemy.

How to Deal with a Dog that Fights

A dog that fights other dogs doesn’t usually lose this behavior without strong intervention that often requires professional help.

Sexually mature male dogs will often turn into fighting dogs. This is a bit of a “lord of the den” attitude. If you muzzle that dog and then let him loose with the dog he previously fought most times, he will recognize he is purely at a disadvantage and will no longer show aggression signs. Remove the muzzle and instantly they will be fighting dogs again.

If you are planning to deal with fighting dogs, you need to have a strong personality. Fighters are generally adult dogs who have not been neutered. Very seldom do puppies fight. Females, unless they are in heat, also seldom fight. You need to be stronger than the dog that fights other dogs if you plan to get control of the situation.

A strong personality combined with the use of a muzzle can be powerful tools to treating fighting dogs. With both dogs muzzled, you can implement training and procedures to correct the fighting between two dogs. Remember muzzling is only a tool in retraining. It is by no means a cure. Within a relatively short period of time, you can have these two fighting dogs lying side-by-side wearing no muzzle, providing they have been neutered. Dogs that have not been neutered cannot be trusted not to fight.

Dealing with dogs that fight can be overwhelming. If you are unsure of the best way to go about stopping a dog that fights with other dogs, it’s a good idea to seek the help of a professional.

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