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Dog Neutering Against Aggression

Many dog owners often discuss the pros and cons of spaying/neutering their dogs, especially those who are facing aggression problems. Here are some of the advantages of neutering your dog explained by professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens. Neutering Your Dog To Curb Aggression   Hi…

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Dog Aggression and Genetics

This owner’s request involves a question I’m sure some of you have already wondered about: Is there a dog aggression problem that cannot be resolved with training? Just as you’re beginning to give up, professional dog trainer Adam G. Katz’s answer can hopefully shed some…

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Dog Obedience Training

Obedience Training For Your Dog Ever wonder why your dog doesn’t listen to you? Or ask yourself what’s the one thing that you need to do to have an obedient dog? If you do, then you should know this: obedience comes through training. And training…

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Does Your Puppy Nip & Bite?

Does Your Puppy Nip & Bite?   Never allow your puppy to bite. This sort of thing will become a bad habit and be hard to break later on. If he bites your hands, give him a tap on his nose or under his chin.…

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How To Break Bad Habits When Housetraining Your Puppy

Housetraining a puppy can often prove frustrating for many dog owners, as it requires a lot of time and persistence on your part. Especially when there are bad habits to break, as in the case of this 9 month old pug.   How To Break…

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Housebreaking A 5 Month-Old Standard Poodle

Housebreaking a dog proves to be a pain for most dog owners as they’re usually not aware of the important tips and tricks that guarantee success or failure of their housebreaking efforts. If you want to know what these tips are just read professional dog…

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Abused Miniature Schnauzer Fear Aggression

This owner’s miniature schnauzer shows signs of fear aggression when she is around people. This is a result of the dog being abused at one of the two homes where she was placed before. Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens recommends ways to rebuild the dog’s…

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Dog Fear Aggression Against Family Member

A typical example of a dog’s fear based aggression. This lab displays aggression against other dogs and a particular family member, having built fear from previous experiences. To correct these problems the dog will have to be retrained using the Alpha techniques as well as…

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Puppy getting overly excited

Does your puppy dog get out of control every time friends or family come to visit you at your home? Are you reluctant to even go near that door before you have a chance to lock your dog in another room, so that she doesn’t…

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How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling

Time to take your dog out for a walk? I hope that for you this is a pleasant experience. The sight of helpless dog owners being pulled in every direction by their dogs is all too familiar! And sometimes it’s funny! But not for them.…

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