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Dog Aggression Protecting Owner

Dog owners who experience aggression problems with their dogs often have a hard time identifying the cause of the aggressive behavior. While desperately needing help, this dog owner cannot address the problem and correct the behavior unless she has an in-depth understanding of her dog’s…

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Body Language Before Dog Bites

In this short email response, professional dog trainer Adam G. Katz suggests how you can use your dog’s body language to identify the signs of an upcoming dog bite! Body Language Before Dog Bites Dear Adam: After catching up on doggy email, I’ve noticed your…

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Dog Eating Feces

This article, written with the unique and humorous style of dog trainer Adam G. Katz, gives you some clues as to what you can do if your dog shows a taste for his own feces. WARNING: Lewd, crude article about dogs who eat their own…

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Dog Owner Apprehension

This is an example of how a dog owner’s apprehension around people (being afraid that her dog is going to bite someone) only contributes to confusing the dog and results in even more aggression. Professional dog trainer Adam G. Katz points out that the owner…

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Dog Training Resources

Dog Training & Equipment Sled Dog Central, Your on-line sled dog advertising & information source. Animal Behavior Specialist Karyn Garvin – Obedience training, agility training and housebreaking problems are some of the dog training issues Karyn Garvin and Associates can help you solve. Dog training…

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Dog & Pet Supplies

Handspun Dog Yarn and Yarn Shop – VIP FIBERS custom spins your pet’s brushings into beautiful keepsake yarn. Also available in our on-line web store: hand spun pet yarn, pet buttons, knitting supplies, unique keepsakes. The Pampered Pet Mart – An array of quality supplies…

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Dog Breeding Resources

Dog Breeders & Dog Breeding Information Sites Dog Breeds – Find detailed descriptions of more than 200 dog breeds. K9 Search – The Dog Directory – Dedicated to bringing dog lovers and breeders together… Dogbiz.com for Dog breeders Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia – A wealth…

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Dog Health Resources

Dog Health & Veterinary Resources Dog Supplement – If your dog is itching and scratching, has excessive shedding, a dull coat, chronic weight loss, bad breath, or joint pain, it is most likely rooted in dog allergies or poor nutrition. Dinovite® dog supplement was specially…

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Welcome Dog Owners

  Dear Dog Owner, It was out of care for dogs and their owners that I created and operate this site. A site that is both informational and valuable as a resource as well as partly commercial suggesting products that can help you to enjoy…

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