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Click To Calm Review

Review: Click to Calm – Healing the Aggressive Dog By Emma Parsons, B.A., A.P.D.T. When Emma Parsons, professional trainer and canine behavior consultant, discovered that her own prized Golden Retriever, Ben, was aggressive toward other dogs, and that traditional remedies took his reactivity to nightmarish…

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Spitting In Your Dog’s Food To Build Dominance

Here is an interesting but rather controversial trick, suggested by professional dog trainer Adam Katz, in order to build your dominance over your dog. A lot has been said about it but, this story proves that this technique -when implemented correctly- really works! Are You…

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Dog Food Bowl Aggression

Dog Food Bowl Aggression Are you having a hard time every time you prepare your dog’s meal? Does your dog suddenly start to growl or snaps at you if you attempt to go near his food bowl? Do you find it almost impossible to get…

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Dog Aggression Protecting Owner

Dog owners who experience aggression problems with their dogs often have a hard time identifying the cause of the aggressive behavior. While desperately needing help, this dog owner cannot address the problem and correct the behavior unless she has an in-depth understanding of her dog’s…

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