Bulldog Aggression

Bulldog Aggression

Bulldogs get a lot of negative press and there is a great deal of concern over their behavior. It’s important for anyone that owns this breed or wants to own this breed to be educated about bulldog aggression and the characteristics of this breed.

The bulldog is an interesting breed – they are strong, loving, protective and they are dominant. This last trait can make it a little more difficult to socialize with other animals. Even as young pups, the bulldogs will often already be showing their bully side. That’s why they are considered to be part of the ‘bully breeds’.

Dominant english bulldog

From a young age, your bulldog may start to play rough with other dogs and humans. He may even try to dominate a human at this early age. These are natural traits of the bulldog but if your bulldog becomes too dominant, this can lead to an aggressive behavior in the future. This is why it is important to start with your bulldog’s training at a young age.

There are signs alerting you that your bulldog may be getting aggressive. One of those signs is when your dog suddenly stops obeying commands and does not want to listen to you. If you do not address this behavior immediately, it can lead to you losing your status as pack leader.

Another sign telling you that your bulldog is getting aggressive is if he suddenly begins to guard his toys or furniture and begins to growl, snarl. He may also snap at you and even bite if you get too close. Guarding is a natural behavior in some breeds, including the bulldog but not when it comes to guarding toys or furniture. This is a sign your dog is being dominant over you, your family and/or friends. This type of behavior needs to be addressed immediately but with caution. If you show fear when your dog acts in this manner you will have lost your status as pack leader.

Bulldogs are a ‘bully breed’ – that does not make them aggressive, it makes them strong, stubborn and dominant. People choose the bulldog for its personality traits but correct training will ensure pack leader status is established and will help you control any aggressive tendencies.

The reason for most bulldog aggression comes from the fact that the owner is usually not a strong pack leader and does not show the dog who is boss. If you want your bulldog to be happy and well adjusted, you need to establish who is the pack leader early on. You need to show that you are superior over your bulldog.

If your bulldog shows aggression do not become passive or permissive and do not back away from him. This is the time for some extra training. If you are not able to establish that you are the dominant pack leader, then you are going to need to get help from a professional trainer. Because if you do not address it now and your bulldog becomes aggressive, he has the potential to seriously hurt a human or other animal. Needless to say, that’s not the outcome you want.

This is a problem that has a workable solution. In fact, if you start training your bulldog from the minute you get home and establish pack order right away, it’s likely you will never have to worry about bulldog aggression again.

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