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How To Stop Dog Chewing Using A Crate

Using A Crate to Stop Dog Chewing

Here’s a problem of dog chewing that can be solved by using a crate. This Bichon Frise has developed a bad habit of chewing on his owners’ bedding since he was allowed to sleep with them on their bed. Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens suggests the use of the crate to put an end to this expensive pastime!



I have been reading your newsletters and have your book. All are very helpful although I must admit that I haven’t been the best at keeping my dog under control.

I have a 10 month old Bichon Frise, Cory and as cute and loving as he is, he can be a real terror. In this I mean, he eats my bedding, his bedding, and any cloth item that may be lying around. Yes, I know I should never have allowed him to sleep with us. But my husband gave in and then I could never get him back in his crate. I guess I have a problem with my husband too!

So now I need to know, is this something Cory will grow out of? If not, what can I do to stop him other than getting him back in his crate? I tried to do this and he barked all night which my neighbors did not appreciate. I have also brought a bone to bed hoping he will chew on that instead. He does but then in the middle of the night he wakes and begins to dine on my linens. This is getting expensive.

Your advice is appreciatedBichon frise puppy chewing on a shoe lace



Secrets To Dog Training Reply

Hi Diane,

Thanks for your email. I think the easiest option in this situation, is to keep putting him in his crate. It might mean that you have a sleepless night or two, but it will be worth it in the long run. Once in the crate at night, you will have to totally ignore Cory. If you let him out after 30 minutes, all he has learned is that he needs to bark or whine for half an hour before you will come to get him. If you completely ignore him, he will eventually learn that his barking is a waste of time.

Make sure that he is getting plenty of exercise. Try taking him out for a brisk walk just before putting him to bed. This tire him out and therefore will encourage him to sleep all night! Also, put a chew toy in his crate, so that if he is awake, he will have something to keep him occupied. I find that a sturdy chew toy, with a treat in the center will often keep a dog busy for hours at a time. There is a good selection to choose from at PetSmart.

Is night-time the only time that he chews? If so, it might be because he was bored and trying to keep himself busy while you and your husband were asleep. Make sure that he has plenty of company and things to keep him mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day.

Good luck Diane, and please let me know how you progress.

Kind regards,

Daniel Stevens
and the Secrets To Dog Training Team

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